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MB Free Psychic Dictionary 1.0

MB Free Psychic Dictionary Software is an extensive and vast resource for definitions and explanations of everything related to the Psychic and Paranormal fields. This free online software is one of its kind and aims to make this unexplored domain more approachable. The software is user friendly, thus encouraging even novices to use it to clear their doubts. This organized software is an attempt at making Mystic board the ultimate destination for psychic related information.

MB Free Psychic Test Software v1.20

This software helps one judge their psychic powers. This is more of an intuition testing program in which one needs to guess the result that the program is about to generate. The different scenarios available make it all the more interesting. We hope this software is able to bring out the hidden psychic talent inside you that even you may not be aware of. The spiritual side of things is never given much importance and unless we make some additional effort, it will never be recognized. This is what this software aims at.