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Charles Cosimano

Charles Cosimano, better known as "Uncle Chuckie", is widely acknowledged as one of the foremost experts on psionics. Everything from the Chernobyl incident to the collapse of the Soviet Union have been attributed directly to Charles and his psionic talents. In the end, the only one that really knows is Charles, and he's not talking. His books focus on the principles and applicability of psionics, a science that will be a large part of our future technological advancement.

Free Ebooks by Charles Cosimano

Liber Chuckie: Being the Revelations of Abraxas

I have no idea whether there is any truth or not in the words of this booklet. I make no claim for them other that that they were given to me during an exploration using my equipment. They may be absolute truth or absolute lies or something in between. Only experience and the passing of time will tell.

Psionic Terrorism

This is a book that scares even me. I would sit down to write a section, finish the section, look at what I had written and shake my head in horror. Were these the words of the kind, gentle man who feeds the birds and bunnies all through the eternal midwestern winter? And the answer is yes, they were. Because they are also the words of a man who loves freedom and wants everyone to share it and sees that personal freedom can only be guaranteed by personal power, a power that Psionics alone can give.

Psionic Vampirism Made Easy

The Invisible Destroyer was one of the main influences in my life even though I did not realize it for many years. Like my readers, I thought the appeal was the helmet and the control panel. It turns out that the real reason was that the Invisible Destroyer was an energy vampire. In fact he was the one who gave me the idea of becoming one!

The Megalith of Doctor Mirabilis

To be evil is to make a profound decision about your life. It is the act of choosing to follow a course of action that you, and not others, desire. Naturally, there will be those who will be threatened by this and you should expect that as a matter of course. Even so, once you have made the first step, the others will follow in short order. It is all nothing more than a matter of setting your mind to something and then doing it, just like any other decision in life.