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Karl Hans Welz

Karl Hans Welz, born in Telfs/Tirol, a small town near Innsbruck, Austria, is an Austrian occultist, Armanist, practitioner of the Armanen runes and the inventor of the Chi Generator, Orgonite and Orgone Radionics.

Free Ebooks by Karl Hans Welz

A Course in Cosmic Consciousness

The technique that you are about to learn in the six lessons of this course will be of immense value to you. It will facilitate your magical studies and it will be of great help in any other spiritual and psychic practice that you pursue. The benefits of this course will also reach over into your everyday life. This technique will teach you to achieve oneness with the Divine in a very short period of time.

A Course in Natal Astrology

In the following lessons you will find an introduction to natal astrology. I am using the key-word method, because I realized that this is the most efficient way to gain the skills of natal chart interpretation. Conversely, you may use the same method to set up your astro trend generation units for the purpose of taking control of your stars.

Astro Dynamic Manifestation

Astro-Dynamic Manifestation tells you how to optimize the energies in your home, office and for yourself using the energies of the astrological houses (areas of life experience), the signs of the zodiac and the planets. a must have for persons who are intent on bringing to manifest that which they desire.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic Training is a system of very specific auto suggestive formulas that have the purpose to relieve tensions, for stress management, and to alleviate psychosomatic disturbances, including many cases of insomnia, overweight, inability to concentrate, high blood pressure, constipation, skin problems, etc. Some people use Autogenic Training as an aid to meditation, concentration, and to keep their focus.

Basic Rune Course

The Basic Rune Course leads you on your path to become a Rune Master. The Eighteen Sacred Futhork Runes are a symbolism that represents the creative energies of the universe. As such the Runes are the keys that give you access to your inner creative powers.

Magic of the Future

This extraordinary course is an introduction to a novel scientific approach to all work that has the objective of effective self-help, motivation, visualization, success, and trend management. As such, the course is excellent as an introduction to the technologies involved in successful trend management and a good basis for successful practice with the orgone generators and radionics devices. Magic of the Future shows that what we call visualization techniques, motivational work, trend management, shamanic practice or magical-religious practices are technologies based on hard-core exact science. Magic of the Future helps you master this exciting new technology in a matter of weeks.

Rune Ceremonials

Here you will find examples of Runic ceremonials for many situations. Consequently it will be easy for you to devise special Runic ceremonials to handle just about every situation. Precondition is naturally that you have knowledge of Runic practice.

Rune Magick

This extraordinary spiritual technology is your personal gate to the powers of creation. Using the creative powers of the Runes for your spiritual and psychic development you can certainly gain control of love, money, business, sports, status, and life itself.

Rune Readings

Runes are an excellent tool to find advice, to help in spiritual evaluation, and to help in personal growth. They help you know the trends of your future. Knowing these trends will help you in your decision making processes. Then, once you decided for a course of action that is based on a Rune reading, you can use Runes again to find out the outcome of your decision.

Rune Yoga

Welcome to a most fascinating discipline that enables you to harnesses energies from the realms of creation by means of utilizing shapes. The shapes which you are going to use are based on the ancient Runes. They serve as triggers which give you access to energies of creation.

Talisman Magick

Talismans are structural links to energies that can trigger specific actions, or results. The person who carries the talisman is energizinging it continuously with his/her own life force. Talismans can be designed for any purpose: for love, money, business, power, spiritual advancement, mental and physical capabilities, and anything else that you can think about.

Tarot Spells

This book is not an introduction to the tarot for readings. It is rather a set of instructions for the person who intends to put the tarot cards to use for spells. It is a how-to page where you will find exact instruction on how to set up the tarot cards to get the desired effect.